Epson Scanner

An Epson scanner can help you scan all the documents and photos effortlessly at incredible resolutions while capturing the details. The scanners feature quick scan speeds, high duty cycles & more. Do you use an Epson scanner and often face problems with it? Come to us at Printcom. We can repair your scanner no matter what issue you are facing.

Different kinds of Epson scanner problems

  • The scanner isn’t scanning
  • The scanner isn’t turning on
  • You are not being able to start the Epson scan
  • The scanner is not being recognised by the system
  • With pressing the scanner button, it’s not the right program that starts
  • Multiple images cannot be scanned at one particular time
  • Scanner function on control panel doesn’t work properly
  • Reminder about low ink appaers on the screen at the time of scanning
  • The scanner software doesn’t work correctly
  • You cannot scan in fully auto mode or using thumbnail preview
  • Scanning takes quite long
  • Images are incorrectly rotated

What is the kind of problem that you are having with your Epson scanner? Printcom can fix all your issues. All you need to do is just get in touch with us for the repair job. We repair Epson scanners at a competitve price.